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Family wealth strategies

Wealth is personal and complex. When you’re a business owner, it’s even more so. Between your business and personal life, everything is connected. Your wealth management plan needs to consider it all. We can help you create inter-related wealth planning opportunities and strategies across your business and family.

How we can help

Preparing the next generation
Preparing the next generation

Sitting down with family to discuss your wealth plan can be challenging, but also incredibly meaningful and rewarding. We can help you guide important conversations, impart the values that brought you success or establish family roles and expectations.

Transferring wealth
Transferring wealth

Having a clear purpose for your wealth is never more important than when considering how it will benefit the next generation. We can work with you to realize the wealth transfer strategy and structure that best fits your situation, drawing on the experience of key advisors.

Living well
Living well

From creating a comprehensive blueprint that documents your wealth plan and progress to integrated asset protection and insurance strategies to protect what you have, we can help you make the most of your wealth now and leave a meaningful legacy for the future.