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Insurance & Risk Management at BMO Investment Services

What keeps you up at night is what helps us determine the right risk management strategies for you and your family. It’s about protecting you from both the expected and the unexpected. Not just with the right insurance policy, but with several aspects of your wealth plan.

The BMO Investment Services difference

Letting hope rule over fear

For us, risk management goes beyond having the right strategies and policies in place. It applies to different assets. It impacts different life phases. Here’s our approach. 

Set the Tone Icon

Set the tone

Our first conversation with you will get to the heart of your fears and concerns. Only then can we build the right plan for you. 

Push Further Icon

Protect what matters

We deliver a plan, whether it’s protecting assets from catastrophic health events or insuring families in  the event of death of key members.

See the bigger picture icon

See the bigger picture

We view insurance as part of an overall wealth strategy, whether that’s income replacement, retirement savings or asset preservation.

What to expect

Preserving your wealth to protect your dreams

From transferring your assets to your heirs in a tax-efficient manner to preserving your assets from the rising cost of long-term care, we provide you with everything you need to protect yourself, your family and your business. 

  • Life insurance options
  • Long-term care insurance
  • Tax liability reduction
  • Business continuity policies
  • Risk management strategies for all your assets



We have access to a range of insurance products that protect your family in different types of situations. These include life, disability and long-term care, among others.

We can help determine the coverage you need based on a few factors, including what you would like to protect, your household income, your family’s lifestyle and your assets.

The type of insurance that fits your needs depends on several factors, such as whether or not you intend to use your insurance to serve as an investment vehicle, to protect your household income in the event of long-term care needs, death or disability and to reduce tax liabilities to your heirs.

Depending on your needs and the types of insurance policies you have, there are tax efficiencies related to income tax and estate tax that our wealth advisors can help you navigate.

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