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Financial Planning at BMO Investment Services

Overcoming challenges. Seizing opportunities. Behind every smart plan is a clear understanding of how to accomplish both. We’ll help you grow, protect and transition your wealth through it all, so you can adapt where you need to and work towards achieving your goals.

The BMO Investment Services difference

The plan behind your vision

The success of a financial plan comes down to one thing: its ability to help you accomplish your goals. So we plan meticulously. And the way we plan is driven by the way we work with you. Here’s how:

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Dig deeper

We go beneath the surface to truly understand you, your hopes and your concerns. This helps us create a financial plan built around you.

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Think holistically

From portfolio management to tax planning, we take an integrated approach to helping you solve complex challenges.

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Collaborate well

You have many partners on your side, including accountants and tax attorneys. So we stay connected with them to help you achieve your goals.

What to expect

It’s about relationship with rigor

There’s a tenacity that comes with strong financial planning. The ability to stay the course in pursuit of your goals, no matter what circumstances you face. We apply that rigor while continuously building our relationship with you. The result: a customized experience across every aspect of your plan.


Depending on your age, you may have flexibility on how much and from which accounts you take withdrawals from. Conventional wisdom is that you start with your taxable accounts, then switch to your tax-deferred retirement accounts, and leave your tax-free accounts for last. Additional strategies exist, but they should always be discussed closely with your tax-preparer and wealth management team to ensure they’re properly executed.

A solid financial plan will help determine the probability of living your life the way you want. It will address critical questions like whether or not you’ll have enough to retire as you’d like, if you’ll be prepared for health care needs that come with aging and how to get the most from social security.

First, you should determine what’s important to you, what it is you’d like to leave behind and explore the implications of transferring assets. There are numerous solutions that could be advantageous from a tax perspective, such as insurance with asset transferring benefits, annual gifting strategies and getting documents like wills and Power of Attorney (POA) and beneficiary designations in order.

If you thought the “stretch” provisions with your IRA would enable your heirs to take Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) based on their life expectancy and you named a trust as a beneficiary, those rules are no longer in effect.

IRAs must now generally be depleted within a ten-year period by a designated beneficiary. You can apply other measures to provide for your heirs, but don’t make decisions like this on your own. Consult a financial advisor who can assist and guide you through your options.

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