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Retirement Planning at BMO Investment Services

Conversations about retirement tend to start with the same questions. Will I have enough when I retire? Will I be able to keep up my lifestyle? But we know the variables are different for each person. We bring clarity to your unique situation and help get you answers.

The BMO Investment Services difference

Flexibility, confidence and resolute connection

It’s the way we work that makes the difference. We pay special attention to the distinction between your needs and your wants. Then we build a retirement savings plan that fits your goals and adjusts to changing circumstances. Here’s how we do it.

Growth Icon

Grow the relationship

We’re in it for the long haul, and our commonalities are the starting point. We share the same community as our clients and similar values.

Shield Icon

Mitigate fear

A common barrier our clients face is fear. We’ll help you overcome it by hearing your concerns and discussing practical ways to pursue your goals.

Adapt and Thrive Icon

Adapt and thrive

We build diverse retirement savings strategies to help withstand market fluctuations. Then we work with you to adjust your plan as you experience life changes.

What to expect

The strategies you need for the retirement you want

Planning. Saving. Transitioning. We’ll help you identify each step you need to take to pursue your vision for retirement. Then we help you stay the course.

  • Retirement planning
  • Tax-efficient cash flow
  • Retirement asset allocation
  • Portfolio management, monitoring and reporting


The most important factor in determining if you’re saving enough is understanding your retirement goals. That’s why your advisor will spend time getting to know your vision for retirement.

Your retirement plan should be monitored and adjusted as needed to optimize your savings. Factors such as life circumstances, age and changes in your risk tolerance all play a role in this.

It depends on what you want to do, where you want to live, and life events you may face, among other factors. A solid plan will help identify where to adjust your strategy.

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